This specialization came from a personal  interest and a problem to solve. In my French blog I explain the reasons of this choice.

Pourquoi cette spécialisation

Even if I had knowledge about the topic, I decided to attend an online training in 2022 and at the beginning of 2023 on Hippocratus. I validated the natural cosmetics training  (100h).
I also attended the cosmetics training on Fun mooc.

Cosmetics being a very large field, I focus on the hair care and natural and organic products (Aloe Vera, Algae). As I practice yoga and follow many advice from Ayurveda, I started to develop my knowledge about holistic vision of beauty. The role of sleep, food, thoughts and maybe spirituality have to be taken into account as beauty vectors. Good personal care habits contributes to skin health and beauty.

You created a brand of personal care products, you offer solutions for hair or skin. I help you to communicate with your French audience.

You are a lab and sell your innovations on the French market. I translate your content and acts as a go-between with your partners.

Tell me about your project

Which type of content?
The training I attended make me able to translate technical content.
Thanks to my long experience in marketing and in transcreation, I also offer my services to establish your brand identity, improve your visibility, efficiently communicate with impact.

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