A committed translator

My sustainability path

I am a translator based in Brittany (France). I also lived and worked as a translator in Costa Rica. This country changed me.

Also called the Switzerland of Central America, Costa Rica has declared 25% of its territory as national park or protected area, because it hosts 6% of the world biodiversity.

In 2023 I settled in North-West of France (Brittany), in Finistère, which is a farming area. Unfortunately the region is quite famous for using pesticides, I am not directly impacted though.

Out of 370 km of the region land embankments, 350 km were levelled off.

70% of the French wooded countryside hedges have disapeared since the 50’s.

23 500 km of the hedges have been eliminated each year between 2017 and 2021


Sources: INA – Ouest-France


« My Sustainable life challenge » certification

sustainable translator

In 2023 I joined 1000 French participants from the whole world for My Sustainable life challenge. During 6 weeks, I learned about conscious ways of consuming, eating, moving. Of course I already practiced many of these but we also took actions that could be challenging and reflected our comittment.


Comittment through my work

Less printing, use of « text to speech » for quality assessment

No use of IA to translate

Sobriety of my Website (no video, no heavy pictures) to reduce my digital footprint.


Less travel – personal and professional. For professional meetings, choice of low carbon emissions transport  (Visit to a client by train to Annecy in 2022 or meeting collegues of the Société Française des Traducteurs)


My environment

Agricultural land

Creation of a vegetable land, orchard and micro forest

15 kg of « Ray Grass » seeds planted in May 2023

Drought resistant tree species planting: oak, twisted willow tree, willow

Local species: pine tree, poplar

No embankment cutting: moors, brambles, fern, ivy, elders

Manual thistle elimination


Eco-pasture (goats and sheeps)

Committing a part of my turnover to tree and hedge planting



I already noticed the presence of:

– fauna -> field mouses, hares, sparrowhawks, pheasants

– flora ->areas left without mowing/cutting – wild flowers

-insects -> bees among others

Do you share my values? You’d like to collaborate with an ecoconscious  translator?  Get in touch