Your native French translator - Who am I

I live in Brittany and have been a professional translator working from English and Spanish into French since 2008. I worked for 6 years as an in-house translator for translation companies in France and abroad before deciding to become a freelancer.

After a day translating, I like to unwind in nature, walking by the sea or cultivating my vegetable garden. You’ll also find me at the dojo for karate training, at a creative writing workshop, in a Portuguese lesson or reading.

French tourism translator


I graduated from the Institut Supérieur d’Interprétation et de Traduction (ISIT, School of Interpreters and Translators in Paris) and from the Centre de Formation des Traducteurs Localisateurs, Terminologues et Rédacteurs techniques in Rennes (MA degree).
In 2018, I passed a SEO and Brand content certification with the CNAM.

I never stop learning new skills… in the translation area, but also in the many topics that passionate me.

  • Q2 2023: Holiday rentals certificate, Formalis
  • Q3 -2022- Q1 2023: Natural cosmetics, Hippocratus
  • Q2 2022: Oceans, by Campus Explore
  • 2021 – 2022: Photography training, with Objectif Image – Composition, technical parameters, post-production
    Masterclasses on studio Jiminy platform
  • Q4 2020: « Storytelling » by Open Classrooms

June 2020: « Introduction to viruses and emerging viral diseases training for translator and interpretors », suggested by SFT and taught by Katarzyna Szymanska (Science to the Point)

  • May 2020 and everyday practice since: « Happiness » 3-day programme: yoga – breathing (pranayama) – kriya – meditation with Art of Living
  • July 2019 : Hatha yoga week programme – sound yoga – ayurveda, Tapovan Normandy center, with Lav Sharma
  • February 2019: Screenplay writing initiation, taught by Roselyne Quéméner, author-director,  lecturer and teacher (Université Rennes 2 – l’École Supérieure de Réalisation Audiovisuelle Bretagne)
  • April 2016: « Keys to become a Community Manager » – Open Classrooms platform

My path to life as a translator

From learning Breton in primary school to celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi (birthday)

I was born in India, a country that’s home to over 780 dialects, and grew up in France. French is my mother tongue. I learnt Breton at primary school, then English and Spanish. I studied Mandarin Chinese for two years at university and am now learning Portuguese. As well as my passion for French and other languages, I have always been fascinated by travelling and foreign cultures.

Some of my most amazing experiences have been abroad: total immersion in host families in England, an Erasmus semester in London, a colourful and spicy road trip through South India, low sun over frozen Finnish lakes, snorkelling in turquoise lagoons in Polynesia and seeing the breath-taking Teahupoo wave up close, more than two years living the rhythm of Pura Vida life in Costa Rica, hiking in Île de la Réunion, walking the 400 steps up to the Ten Thousand Buddhas Temple in Hong-Kong, an eye-opening trip to Macao…

Steps to becoming a freelancer

I have a range of experience which has shaped me as a professional translator. I have been an intern assistant in an infant school in England, a check-in hostess for a ferry transportation company (Brittany Ferries), a sales assistant and translator for a company in India, a translator/copywriter/integrator for a web agency in Paris, a translator/web writer at a translation company then co-manager of a restaurant in Costa Rica, a linguist/annotator for Orange Labs, and a technical translator at a translation company for four years.

An intern assistant in an infant school in England, a check-in hostess for a ferry transportation company (Brittany Ferries), a commercial assistant and translator for an inflatable commercial items company in India, a translator-copywriter-integrator for a web agency in Paris, translator-web writer in translation agency then a co-manager of a restaurant in Costa Rica, a linguist annotator for Orange Labs, a technical translator in a translation agency for four years.


It’s also a pleasure to translate as a volunteer for causes that I care about like children’s education, the environment and well-being.

For several years, I have translated follow-up reports on adopted children for humanitarian association Les Enfants Avant Tout. I have also translated reports for Doctors of the World and done work for Sri Sri Yoga (part of the Art of Living NGO) adapting videos and content about yoga philosophy into French.