Elodie provides top-notch French translations, is very inquisitive and understanding, a joy to work with! Her quality-control is amazing. She is very approachable, which we cherish in our team.”.


GetResponse is the world’s leading email marketing software for businesses big and small. From humble one-person beginnings in a small Polish city to a globally-rooted brand both in terms of reach and workforce

The mission remains the same as it was more than 25 years ago when Simon Grabowski started GetResponse – tailor to the needs of customers with easy, affordable marketing tools any business can use.

GetResponse empowers businesses to do what they do, better, because solutions are made for customers whose needs are as diverse and multifaceted as we are.


We contacted Élodie in 2022. We needed an experienced linguist who could adapt our message as we had a lot of content we needed to publish for French-speaking clients. Our go-to strategy was to work without middle-man, directly with our linguist.

Elodie provided a translation test and excellent references. Our proofreader confirmed the quality of the test piece and the collaboration started right away.

We use Crowdin, a localization software that Elodie already knew so it was smooth from the start.


Reactivity: I answer fast to order emails and let the team know about my availabilities. As it is a direct and regular collaboration, the communication is very smooth and I always keep some time for the client in my weekly schedule.

I ask queries directly in the comment section of Crowdin software. Whenever I notice a typo, a term or sentence that raises a doubt in the source text I indicate it in comment.

Whenever context is needed to localize properly, I ask for it and the team provides it, talking to the UX team or to the copywriters. All information needed is smoothly and promptly forwarded.

I always apply quality assessment process on every project I work on for the client. I generate a bilingual file then a French only file. I use Antidote software to do a grammar, spelling, style and punctuation assessment. Then I read the French only to guaranty completeness and fluid text.


We managed to launch some tools in our app in French. Thanks to Elodie, we have also been able to build our French-speaking content. And we gained a reliable proofreader.

Working with Élodie introduced a lot of clarity, quality and common sense.


We’re not just considered as a client, but as a partner. Elodie invited us to a video call to talk about the company, translation projects and to put faces on names. We like the fact that we are not dealing with an agency, no middle man is our go-to strategy.

“She’s very helpful, professional and reliable. Not only delivers the tasks within our deadlines but also asks specific questions for more context to provide high quality translations. If you’re looking for a smooth cooperation, reach out to Elodie! .”