Aleksandra Narozna-Chadala
Localization manager / GetResponse

Transcreation – copywriting

Julia Ossena
Relectrice - Copywriter - Gestionnaire de compte

Elodie a traduit un témoignage de dix pages de l'anglais au français dans le cadre d'une demande personnelle importante. Elle a su transmettre le message avec subtilité et retranscrire avec fluidité les faits et émotions de ce texte d'un caractère "sensible". J'ai reçu la traduction rapidement, j'ai apprécié sa discrétion.

T. Kapoor
Private individual

Quiero agradecerte tus servicios, calidad y confianza. Hemos logrado llevar nuestro trabajo hasta el otro lado del mundo y esto ha llevado a AMB-Wellness a dar una excelente presentación. Reitero mi agradecimiento por este tiempo de tus cordiales servicios, comunicación y amistad.

L. Adriana
Project manager - graphic designer / AMB Wellness

Elodie is very thorough, great communication. Best translator we have worked with.

A. Knowles
Director / Cosmetica

Elodie has been translating for us for over 2 years - Her work covers a very broad spectrum from luxury property descriptions to marketing content like newsletters and e-cards. She is trustworthy and, thankfully, able to stick to the sometimes crazy deadlines we give her. She is creative and inventive and rather than straight translations of the English text will always ensure that the content she writes flows and reads naturally in French and introduces context that is specific and appropriate to a French reader. She is able to create texts that beautifully encapsulate what makes our properties so special while at the same time inspiring the reader to dream of a holiday in one of our beautiful mountain chalets. She does all this while at the same time having a thorough knowledge and understanding of the intricacies and requirements of writing copy that works from an SEO point of view meaning that the content she write performs incredibly well in the search engines. We couldn't be happier with her work, my only fear in writing this is that it could result in her having less time to work for us!  

Tim Andrews
Founder / OVO Network

Elisabeth Lopes
Localization Project Manager / ABA English